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Reveals for Diablo 3

Blizzard hosted the Diablo 3 press event at its offices in California a few days ago and the information from there has now become publically available as an embargo has been lifted.

Perhaps the biggest reveal of the entire press conference is that the Auction House will have the option for players to use real money in order to get items. According to the D3 Database, Diablo 3 will feature an integrated real money player to player auction house where gamers will be able to buy or sell in-game items or gold for money. There is also a strong hint that entire characters will be able to be sold.

There will obviously be fees for this type of thing, such as listing fees, transactional fees and so on which are probably put in place to stop gamers from auctioning off all the mundane things they come across in the world. Perhaps this is a really good idea because if Blizzard didn’t do this by itself, there would be a lot of other, third-party websites that would do it anyway.

Players will also be able to use the “gold only” auction house which is around for the gamers not wanting to engage in real money trades. From what press at the event have said, the auction house is supposedly very similar to the one in World of Warcraft.

Jay Wilson, Blizzard Diablo 3 game director gave the press a brief overview of the gameplay aspects of the title, focusing on things like skill trees. He said that the skill trees and traits have been removed from the game and been replaced by a new system. Players will now have six skill slots that can be swapped from a large bank of skills. They will unlock progressively as players go on in the game and players start with two slots and more become unlocked as they level.

Blizzard is also addressing the problems with a limited stash size and as a result will give users an account-wide stash with multiple tabs, so players no longer have the need for creating ‘mules’, characters who would serve no purpose other than to carry items. Any items in the stash will be available on any characters in the account with a maximum of ten characters per account.

For all of the info at the press event, check out the D3 site. Sadly there is no information regarding a release date or a date for the beta. There is a press conference in the next two days from Blizzard which will hopefully see some date announcements.

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