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Pre-order Diablo III

Gaming Inc has Diablo III available for pre-order at its website. The game will be available for PC only.

The cost for the pre-order is R50 which will secure gamers a copy online. After pre-ordering, Incredible Connection will send details of the settlement value for the game once the price has been set. Gamers with a Gaming Inc account will receive a 10 percent discount off the recommended retail price.

Users will need to register at the website to pre-order the game. While Diablo III has no release date as of yet, it is sure to sell out fast, so pre-ordering is key.

Diablo III takes place two decades after the reign of the demonic lords Diablo, Mephisto and Baal and is set out across the world of Sanctuary.

Deckard Cain returns to the ruins of Tristram Cathedral seeking clues to defeat new stirrings of evil. A fire from the sky reawakens ancient evils and calls the heroes of Sanctuary to defend the mortal world against the powers of the Burnings Hells once again.

Diablo III has been one of the most anticipated games since it was announced and gamers anticiapte it release. Blizzard has always had an attitude of release a game “when it’s ready” and that’s exactly what they’ll do in this case.

Gamers are hoping Diablo III builds on some great gameplay from Diablo II which was infinitely replayable.

To pre-order the game, click the image below.

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