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More Diablo 3 Birthday Celebrations – Blizzard Request Photos

Blizzard continues Diablo 3 Birthday Celebrations with another task for the fans out there. In a recently made forum post, Blizzard has asked its community to take some Diablo 3 birthday photos with themselves with one of the printable signs Blizzard has made for the occasion.

Blizzard will be tweeting its favourite pictures, as well as compiling the best greetings to show off on its official community site after the birthday celebration is over. Here is their Blog Post:

Heroes of Sanctuary, heed our call!

May 15th marks the one-year anniversary of Diablo III. Help us celebrate the Lord of Terror's rebirth (and contribute to an awesome community project in the process) by submitting your very own birthday greeting!

To participate, simply print out one of the birthday images below (or create your own), take a photo of you and/or your friends, and then tweet the picture to @Diablo using the hashtag #D3BDAY or email it to In addition to re-tweeting our favorites and uploading them to our Diablo Facebook page throughout the week, we'll also be compiling the most impressive greetings to show off here on the official community site after the festivities have concluded.

Are you going to print a sign and give it a go? Any ideas on how you can win? Share your secrets with us below.

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