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Inferno Mode in Diablo 3 Proves Difficult

Diablo 3 is scheduled to come out next week and to help us along the way, Jay Wilson, Diablo 3 game director, has given some hints on Inferno Mode.

Wilson spoke to IGN about the Inferno mode which only becomes available to gamers after they have completed the game. Knowing the general population that plays Diablo, it will probably happen very soon.

Wilson says that the way Inferno was developed was they took the hardcore test team they had and got to a point where they thought it was challenging, and then doubled it.

Players will go from act to act in Inferno and will be able to get all new types of items. The enemies will have brand new abilities as well such as creating magic walls to block off escapes or grenade-like bombs that are thrown when the player moves a certain distance from the character.

Apparently the development team has made it as difficult as possible and things can be done solo and players might find it a little less challenging in a party. The game still scales in difficulty according to how many players are in the game, but being able to coordinate different abilities from different classes may make things easier.

“You definitely need single-target damage. I think everyone thinks about Diablo and thinks ‘okay massive AoE game where I will rain fire across the screen and destroy everything’, you will, there’s plenty of that but the best loot comes from rare’s, champion’s and boss’s in Inferno and they are very, very tough so you need to maximise your damage against them,” says Wilson.

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