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Important Diablo 3 Patch

Blizzard has finally released the patch that many gamers have been waiting for. The patch is Blizzard’s attempt to make important improvements to the gameplay experience which many gamers have been calling for.

Many players have been struggling in the game to actually make a dent in Act 2 on Inferno difficulty. The latest patch has lowered the damage of mobs in Act 2, Act 3 and Act 4 of Inferno. Whether or not this is a good move, remains to be seen. The point of Inferno was that it was meant to be difficult and perhaps Blizzard should have stood strong in its resolve and left it difficult. That’s not to say it’s going to be a walk in the park though.

In terms of other interesting improvements, gamers will now be able to upgrade both the Jeweller and the Blacksmith at much lower gold prices. Crafting and upgrading gems has also become a lot cheaper and gamers will spend much less gold upgrading to those high tier gems. Anything above the “Flawless Square” value has remained the same in price though.

Gamers looking to progress in Inferno will be able to find better items in Act 1 as well as Blizzard has increased the drop-rate of loot on monsters, so gamers will be able to gear themselves properly from Act 1 of Inferno as opposed to going broke on the Auction House.

The last big change made in the patch is the reduction of attack speed effects on weapons and armour. Gamers who have been stacking attack speed on their items will find they do a considerably less amount of damage per second now because of it.

The full change log for the patch notes can be found here.

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