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Germany Targets Diablo 3

A German consumer group has taken issue with Blizzard regarding its Diablo 3 always-on digital rights management (DRM) and has issued something of an ultimatum.

Gamers in South Africa will be able to agree with this for the most part because ShackNews shows that the German group, known as the Federation of Consumer Organisations, has given Blizzard a deadline to repackage Diablo 3 in order to inform buyers that the game requires a constant Internet connection. The organisation may pursue legal action if Blizzard hasn’t responded by 27 July.

Always-on DRM has been a sore issue for most gamers and it’s perhaps most prevalent in South Africa. We are faced with a number of issues here because those with Internet are usually quite behind the times, while the rest of the populous are without Internet. This low amount of Internet users make games development companies look at South Africa as a small-time operation and so they couldn’t be bothered to put local servers in for gamers here.

It’s good that groups in Germany are taking a stance over something so small. If there is no resistance now, gamers will be giving developers permission to walk over them.

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