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Gamecom Live: Diablo III Blog

Being the first South African to play Diablo III, I can vouch for the fact that it is honestly going to be the game of the future. Bringing the ultimate Diablo play style back to the PC, it promises to be an epic adventure. They offered a 20 minute play time on about 50 pc’s in the Blizzard area to allow a quick turnaround time for everyone to get a chance. Starting a level 12 character was never so easy.

Blizzard are masters at releasing blockbuster titles. They have taken a Diablo ideology and created it in a next generation world. The game simply looks fantastic, the demo features three of the playable characters, the Barbarian, the Sorceress and a Witchdoctor. What kind of South African would I be if I didn’t choose the Barbarian?

The barbarian on attack.

The barbarian focuses mainly on close weapons combat, be it dual wielding, two handed, or single handed weaponry. The Sorceress focuses on distance spells of mainly cold and fire to slow down and expunge monsters quickly and efficiently. The Witchdoctor seems to be some kind of Necromancer import, which deals most of its damage by summoning creatures of all kinds. Overall, the three characters seem well balanced and create a great atmosphere for the game.

As usual the game features the stock standard, classic controls of beating the left and right mouse buttons to attack opponents. As always, holding Alt brings up gamers’ loot, which is made much easier now by incredibly detailed and graphical item drops which can be seen quite clearly. The dynamic lighting of the game simply surpasses anything ever seen before in fantasy RPGs.

The game therefore seems to build on classic Diablo gameplay, while enhancing it in so many ways. Diablo III’s going to be a classic.

The Sorceress does damage with a fireball.

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