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Diablo Director Moving On

It seems that the Diablo 3 director will be moving on to something new within Blizzard as he steps down from the team.

Discussing it at length on, Jay Wilson, formerly the Diablo 3 Director has recently celebrated his seven year anniversary on the game and has now decided to move onto something new. Over the new few weeks, Wilson will be transitioning into something else at Blizzard.

For those that still enjoy Diablo 3, Wilson has ensured that things won’t just stop for the fans or the game.

“The first thing I want to assure you all is that this will not negatively impact our ongoing support of Diablo III. The game was not made by one person, far from it, and the team that poured their passion and considerable talent into it isn't going anywhere. We have lots of things planned for the future, and those plans will carry forward as normal. I also won't be abandoning the team, and will remain available to them during the transition period while we determine who will take over duties as game director,” he said.

The development team will continue to work on the game and Wilson said that he will be leaving Diablo 3 in “good hands”. The next patch for the game is currently underway and 1.0.7 is available on the PTR (Public Test Realm) and the team thinks that there are some great things brewing for Diablo in 2013.

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