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Diablo 3 to Arrive in 2012?

Is Diablo 3 going to release in early 2012? Maybe. As per the screenshot below (see the block highlighted in white) an article with the headline "Diablo III to Arrive in Early 2012" has been posted on the Battle.Net US website (gamers will also see it if they log into But when clicking on this there is a 404 error stating “Page Not Found”.

Diablo 3 "Soon" Was Too Soon - Diablo II To Arrive in Early 2012

This could mean that an announcement was made regarding the release of Diablo 3 and was then accidentally put up and subsequently taken down almost instantly. More will probably surface on this soon and some information might be revealed.

Or it could be a storm in a teacup. We'll have to see.

Diablo 3 404 Page Not Found

Thanks to shadowthief for the tip.

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UPDATED: Diablo 3 will release in early 2012. Read the story.

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