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Diablo 3 Skill and Rune Changes

Blizzard has been hard at work on the changes in the Diablo 3 beta and has shared some details on the changes made to the skills and rune systems.

According to the official blog, Jay Wilson, Diablo 3 game director, has said that the skill system has been changed to give the players a degree of power in character customisation.

“We believe we accomplished that early on by abolishing skill trees and moving toward an open-ended system where skills, rune variants, and passive are chosen at-will by the player in a flexible customization system,” he says.

Essentially, the gamer is meant to feel that after picking a set of skills and abilities that complement each other, they can then execute them in ways that will lead to success. Each class now has three types of ability called Primary Attack, Secondary Attack and Defensive. These are then broken up into the different skills and can be used in combination to create the ultimate character. The skill system is largely unchanged though but there are some new UI improvements and the new helpful skill categories addition.

The new rune system will allow gamers to unlock skill runes in the same way that skills have been unlocked in the past.

“Now, when you open the skill window, you’ll choose which skills you want in which slots, the skill rune variants you’d like, and your passives. All of this is done directly through the UI, and all of the options from the skill, skill rune and passive systems are unlocked through character levelling progress, leading to a cleaner overall integration of these systems,” Wilson says.

Wilsom also admits that runes have been the biggest hurdle in the game for them and the new integration with the skill system has added a bunch of benefits. Letting go of runes as items and rather focusing on the customisation of skills is a lot better, he says.

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