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Diablo 3 Regional Details and Auctions

Blizzard has detailed some of the regional details for Diablo 3 as well as launched an FAQ for both the region details and the Auction House.

Gamers from South Africa will be put into the Europe “home” game region along with European Union, Eastern Europe, Russia and Middle Eastern countries. This is not permanent though because gamers will be able to switch freely between regions in the in-game option menu.

Players will not be able to use the real money Auction House outside their “home” region though and items and characters are not transferrable to different regions. More information surrounding Blizzard’s Global Play can be found on the official FAQ.

For the Auction House, gamers have to pay a 15 percent transaction fee of real money for all real-money trades. The Europe region will have support for the GBP (Pound Sterling) and gamers will be able to use Visa, MasterCard and PayPal for transfers while proceeds need to go into either the Balance or their PayPal account.

For further information on the Auction House, gamers can visit the official FAQ on the blog.

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