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Diablo 3 Intended to be Unmoddable

Recently at BlizzCon 2011, GameFront caught up with Julian Love, lead technical artist for Diablo 3.

In the interview Love said that Diablo 3 is the most moddable version of the game in the whole series but Blizzard has set a blanket ban on mods because both mods and bots would have a negative effect on its cash-based auction house and would probably be exploited by cheaters.

“We have these other goals that supersede modding; we want to provide a safe and secure experience for players to play in and trade items in, and in order to do that, we had to make the game online play only. Once we made that decision, that effectively eliminated the possibility of having moddable games, since you’re going to have to connect to our service in order to play,” Love says.

While previous versions of the series were open to moddable support, Love says that Blizzard didn’t necessarily want to make them moddable, it’s just something that people found a way to do and then it happened.

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