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Diablo 3 Hacking Issues

Blizzard has announced in a press release that security on both Diablo 3 accounts and have been compromised as a result of the release of the game.

Reports are coming in that many accounts are being accessed and stolen and Blizzard has assured gamers that it is doing all it can to help keep players and accounts safe. The Authenticator and Mobile Authenticator continue to be effective measures to protect players and their accounts and Blizzard urge users to make use of them. The Mobile Authenticator is a free app that is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

A representative from Blizzard has said on the forums that even the authenticators are not a 100 percent guarantee for account security. If a user has been hacked or items have mysteriously gone missing on their Diablo character, they should immediately report it to account security here.

One can only thank Blizzard for delaying the Real Money Auction House in Diablo 3 while these account compromising issues are sorted out as it would be a huge disaster if real money were involved.

This is yet another downside to always-on digital rights management (DRM) and stems from the issues after the game launch where lag and disconnections were big issues. Along with the discontent users not being able to play the game and login at certain times, the addition of account security may bring the DRM under serious scrutiny. Some of this might not have happened if gamers were allowed to play single player offline.

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