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Diablo 3 Goes Open Beta This Weekend

Diablo 3 will be in open beta stages this weekend and only this weekend.

What this means is that gamers will be able to play the game regardless of whether they have a beta key or not, as the game is free for all gamers to play just for this weekend. The open beta weekend starts today at 12:01pm PDT (this is 9pm tonight for South Africans) and will end on Monday 23 April at 10am (7pm on Monday for South Africans).

Players will be able to team up with friends and play all of the five classes and get them up to a maximum level of 13 to play through the first part of the first Act. The only thing gamers will need to have is a account as well as the beta client files. Create a account here.

The open beta weekend is designed to stress-test the servers in order to ensure they can run at capacity. When the stress test weekend is over, closed beta testers will again have normal access to the beta until 1 May.

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