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Diablo 3 Community Site Launched

Blizzard has launched the Diablo 3 community website. Here gamers can post on the forums, check out all the hot info about the game as well as see some of the newest media related to the game.

Hopefully this is a step in the right direction indicating that the Diablo 3 beta will soon be released so that the gamers who are part of the beta testing will have a centralised location to post about bugs, problems and just general awesomeness.

Do Gaming got a chance to play Diablo 3 at GamesCom and while it was confirmed that this wasn’t the beta, it seems pretty close. Those who know about the beta are aware that the ultimate end-goal is to kill King Leoric, which was the second stage after the Halls of Agony which was on display at GamesCom.

Chances are good that the beta should be up and running in September sometime, so gamers are advised to keep their eyes wide open to catch it and hopefully hook an invite.

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