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Diablo 3 Closed Beta Goes Live

Blizzard has announced that the closed beta for Diablo 3 has gone live. The first wave of beta invites have already gone out and there are plans to add more as time goes on.

In order to check if you qualify for the beta, log into your Battle.Net account and check under the “Account” option. There you will see a Diablo 3 beta key if you have been selected.

Telkom Do Gaming has received a beta key and will soon be putting up more Diablo 3 footage that you can handle.

In the closed beta, gamers will be able to participate in the first Act with any of the characters. Players will be able to get all the way up to King Leoric the Skeleton King in solo or in co-op with friends online.

Diablo 3 can be pre-ordered at Incredible Connection. Gaming Inc members and pre-ordering customers who pre-order Diablo 3 get the following:

  • A ten percent discount on the final price of the product
  • Free delivery
Pre-order Diablo 3 by clicking here.

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