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Diablo 3 Character Profiles

Blizzard has finally released the new character profiles across and gamers will now be able to show off the gear of their characters.

In what has already been done in something like World of Warcraft, the character profiles will allow gamers to easily provide details for sharing and comparing and the team plans to add even more detailed statistics and tabs for achievements and artisans too.

According to, players can view character gear, stats and skills in the Heroes tab. Through the Career tab gamers can track the progress throughout the game as well as the bosses they have killed. It will also keep a record of your play time throughout Diablo 3 as well as monster counts for number of elites slain.

The character profiles are honestly something that would have been expected upon the game’s release as it is something that is quite nifty, but not necessarily a draw-card. Diablo 3 once had a lot of players and it will probably only get those players back by bringing in player vs player (PvP), not just some character profiles.

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