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Diablo 3 Celebrates One Year Birthday with Forum Game

It is exactly a year since the Diablo 3 first hit the shelves, and Blizzard has decided to celebrate that fact. Blizzard made a post on the forums earlier today entitled “We would like to play a game… [Forum game]”, stating exactly what the game entailed.

Basically the community as a whole will (by voting for on the Blizzard forums) have a chance to create, play and run a single hardcore character until death or the death of the Skeleton King. Here is the forum post:

Diablo III launched one year ago today, and to celebrate this first birthday of the game, we thought it could be fun to play a game of Diablo III in a way that has never been done before – a game that is controlled by one of us in the Community Team, but played by all of you in the Community!

This game is something of a fun little experiment; so we have no idea how it will end, but that is part of the fun – The community as a whole will create and play a single hardcore character until the character dies or the Skeleton King is slain!

The rules are simple: We control the character, and you decide what happens to it via screenshots and various types of votes on what to do next. All 7 European Diablo III forum communities will play this together, but each language forum will be given the same vote options, so the majority vote always rules.

To begin this game, we first need to decide on what class to play:

The above link will take you to the first of many voting processes to come, this particular one being the first step, Character selection. Are you going to join in? Let us know.

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