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Diablo 3 Beta Release

Blizzard has finally announced a timeframe for a Diablo 3 beta which means that the release of the game shouldn’t be too far away.

In the financial conference call between Activision and Mike Morhaime, Blizzard co-founder, Morhaime said that internal testing for Diablo 3 began last week. This means that external beta testing is expected to begin in the third quarter.

“The game is looking great and we’re currently aiming at a third quarter launch for external beta testing,” Morhaime said.

Gamers should then expect the Diablo 3 beta anywhere between July and September of 2011. Morhaime went on to say that they don’t have a clear release date for the game yet as Blizzard strives for quality assurance. The Blizzard team is working hard to get the game out before 2012 though.

Blizzard went on to say that no new games are expected in 2011 so gamers will need to wait it out for any other Blizzard title release announcements.

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