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Diablo 3 Beta Loses Some Scrolls

Blizzard has released yet another update for the Diablo 3 Beta and this time round both Scrolls of Companion as well as Scrolls of Reforging have been removed.

This looks like it might be a trend after the last beta update also had a fair number of removals. I wonder if it’s the result of the recent senior producer of Diablo 3 leaving the Blizzard team. It feels almost as if something has gone horribly wrong and things need to be fixed, and the person implementing the changes has been “let go”.

According to the forum topic on the forums, the community manager, “Nethaera”, has said that both scrolls were removed because they felt the features were underdeveloped and not good enough for the game in their current state.

Thankfully though, some light on the release might also have been shed.

“Neither of those are issues we felt like we could solve without a lot of additional work, and we’re trying to close in on a solid release date for the game, not move further away,” says Nethaera.

This can only imply that Diablo 3 is still on track for the first quarter of this year as long as they don’t run into any more silly hiccoughs along the way.

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