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Diablo 3 In Numbers

To celebrate Diablo 3’s one year anniversary, developer Blizzard has released quite an extraordinary info-graphic, exploring the past year in numbers.

The graphic reveals quite a bit of detail regarding the title’s in-game statistics and even suggests that clicking a mouse button can burn up to 0.00142 calories which totalled 4.7 billion calories burnt throughout the world of Diablo 3.

Diablo 3 began its life as a shock-disappointment, yet despite its bullying, Blizzard has managed to maintain a cool 2.1 million players daily.

Furthermore, around 14 million unique players have purchased the RPG since its launch last year to create over 67 million characters, slay 3.3 trillion monsters and collect more than 648 trillion in-game currencies.

For its second year, Diablo 3 looks to open the world of Sanctuary to PlayStation owners with the announcement happening during Sony’s PlayStation 4 reveal back in February.

Check out the full – and rather lengthy – graphic here.

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