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First in SA: Diablo 3 Challenge

Diablo 3 is launching and many gamers have different expectations and goals within the game itself. South African gamer, Stefan ‘Nephilim’ Smit plans to be the first in South Africa to finish the game. The BSc IT student from Gauteng aims to hit level 60 and finish the toughest difficulty in the game, Inferno, by the end of the week.

Diablo 3 Diablo 3

“Well I plan to start playing as the game launches for about 18 hours. After that, each day I will be playing around 12 hours with the hopes to finish it inside the week. Being the first in SA will be quite a big achievement but being the first in the world is unrealistic because the amount of Diablo enthusiasts will rival any MMO,” he says.

In terms of gaming experience and history, Smit started his online gaming experience with the first Diablo. At just seven years old, Smit was playing the game a lot and when Diablo 2 was released, he played it constantly and never stopped.

Stefan 'Nephilim' Smit Stefan 'Nephilim' Smit

“I only played Diablo 2 for about five years with a bit of Counter-Strike here and there but I never stopped playing Diablo 2. I’ve played more than 10,000 hours of Diablo 2 and I only know a few people that have played as much as I have,” he says.

For those who may say that Smit will be “missing the game”, he plans to make much more than just the one character.

“I will enjoy the game many times, I know that much for sure. I will also be launching a YouTube channel at some point that is dedicated to Player vs. Player (PvP) and PvP build once it’s introduced into the game,” he says.

Diablo 2 Diablo 2

Smit’s favourite class in Diablo 2 was, by far, the pure lightning Sorceress. For Diablo 3, he has decided to go for the Demon Hunter.

“I played quite a few hours with the Demon Hunter in the Diablo 3 beta and I was really impressed with her. I feel like she has the abilities that I would want in PvP but the Wizard seems very strong in PvE to me so in terms of my history, I feel bad leaving the Wizard behind,” he says.

Do Gaming will be catching up with Smit at some point next week to find out how the play-through as gone.

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