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Diablo 3: What You Need to Know for Launch

The day is almost here when Diablo 3 is finally launched after 12 years of waiting. There are mere hours to go before the game is launched and there is still some preparation to do for most gamers.

The Release

The game will be released on 15 May 00:01 CEST, which as suggests, is “Paris Time”. Thankfully, a quick Google search will reveal that Paris and South Africa share time zones for this particular occasion.

For gamers that bought the digital copy of the game through, the game is available to download and can only be installed from 17:01 today. This means that even though you may have downloaded the files, you won’t be able to install it just yet.

The Game

Gamers will be able to install the game before the actual release of the game but will not be able to play. The launcher itself will download the “day one patch” which is Patch 1.0.1 and is just there as a precautionary measure. There is no confirmed size for the patch, but Micah ‘Bashiok’ Whiple, Diablo 3 community manager, has confirmed that it is no more than 100 MB.


Gamers who downloaded the English/German versions of the European client before 12 May 10am will need to update the client downloader again to fix the client. According to the forum, there was an issue with the installers but it has now been fixed. If you download the files to the same directory, it will only be a download of about 65MB and you won’t need to download the entire game again.

The EU installer can be found below: (The installer is 7MB, the game download is 7.6GB)


When the game launches at midnight, there is expected to be a lot of lag. Pretty much everyone in the world will be trying to log in and load the game and the two load points which will be most overloaded are the logging-in points and creating a game. A lot of gamers will be trying to log in at the same time and it will eventually work when given a number of attempts.

Due to the way Diablo 3 has been structured, gamers might also have problems creating solo games because of the queuing system that is in place for creating games. Again, repeated efforts will work after enough time.

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