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Diablo 3 Beta Key Competition

Rejoice all ye who have been waiting patiently, for Diablo 3 is almost upon us.

Well, not really because there is no release date yet, but Megarom and Do Gaming are teaming up to give away some Diablo 3 Beta keys over the next month.


All gamers need to do is head over to the competition page and then sign up with your name and email address then verify that you are over 18. Megarom says there are a total of 450 keys to give away in total and they will be going out in waves from 20 February until 19 March. The amount of keys given out to gamers on Do Gaming will depend on the amount of entries, so please share the story using the social media options below and spread the word online.

To enter, gamers can head over to the competition page. Only one entry per person is allowed so rather don’t waste your time entering constantly. Please note this competition is for South Africans only as per the terms and conditions.

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