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A Noob Guide to Diablo 3

Diablo 3 is definitely an interesting game. It is also a very complicated one. So Do Gaming would like to provide a few hints and tips to gamers who may be struggling.

It needs to be reiterated that this guide is probably not for gamers who have spent hundreds of hours in the game and have three level 60 characters in Inferno. It’s for the less advanced in the game – perhaps those still sifting through normal, or about to start a second character; or perhaps even those who don’t understand the game to its full extent.

Be a Hoarder

Diablo 3 is a lot about collecting items, gear, weapons and other things that can give you a distinct advantage in the latter part of the game. It’s important then that you collect things that you may not need now, but might well need later on in the game.

I’m not talking about items, I’m talking about smaller health potions, salvaged materials from the blacksmith, basically any gem and maybe even legendary items. These things can all help you at some point in the game.

After you hit a late level with your current character, you may want to start a new one. Since the stash and all your gold is account-bound and not character bound (stash and gold will carry over to all your characters), you can make use of those smaller potions and put high-level gems into socketed items from level one.

This will give you a huge advantage because you will be able to do a lot more damage and, in turn, progress with your alternate character a lot faster. I’ve told people the strategy for Diablo 3 is to spend a lot of time playing through the single player with one character to enjoy it and maximise the story line. After that, it’s no longer about that, but more about loot.

Be a Kind Artisan

With the latest 1.0.3 patch, jewelcrafting and blacksmithing are a lot cheaper this time round. If you haven’t yet met the jewelcrafter then you soon will in Act Two. Upgrade both of these artisans for your characters because they also carry on through all the characters.

This means that your level three Witchdoctor will be able to use the maxed-out level blacksmith to craft himself some new armour. That is where hoarding all the essences from salvaged items come in.

With the decreased costs on Artisan work, gamers will easily be able to take a few hundred or thousand gold to craft themselves some level specific items that will make the earlier levels a complete breeze to get through the game and into the later levels. When you get to the later levels, you will also be able to combine all your smaller gems to make the better gems that you could use on a level 60 character.

Flawless Square gems are the highest gems you will be able to loot and it’s relatively cheap to craft them. You will then be able to sell them on the Auction House (AH) to crafters should you wish to make a quick buck because some crafters are looking for a lot of those to make the best level gems in the game.

Make Judgement Calls

For most levels, it’s okay to sell things to the vendors and to salvage things at the blacksmith. Sometimes you will find that you pick up a weapon that is better or a piece of armour that is really good. Don’t forget to keep the old gear in your stash and then put them up on the gold AH though. Sometimes you can get a lot more gold on the AH than you would at the vendor.

Many players could be just like you and decided to start alternate characters while having a level 60. So they will have millions to spend on the AH and would rather buy cheap but effective items for their low level characters than sit and grind through the game. Be smart on the AH though, don’t put up a level 28 axe for a million gold; putting it up for 3000 gold is still better than pawning it off to the vendor for 300 gold. Every little bit helps.

The same goes for fighting higher level champion mobs or elite mobs when power levelling an alternate character through the game. If you are playing solo, there is a chance you will either have a character that can take a lot of damage or a character that can deal a lot of damage. In the interest of progressing fast through the levels to get your character up to level 60, if you are a tank that doesn’t do a lot of DPS (damage per second), it may be best to just run around or ignore the “Extra Health” or “Vampiric” elite mobs. It will save you some time and a lot of gold in repairs.

Help Your Friends

I’ve also found the easiest way to do things is to jump into your friends’ games to help them. Quite often if you power through the game with alternate characters, your friends may be doing the same thing. Wearing the best Ruby you've got in a socketed helmet can also increase your experience points gained. This will help when you are a couple of levels ahead to help someone out because you can still gain at least SOME experience which will prepare your character for the level limits at the higher difficulties.

Remember you need to have finished the game on normal to go into Nightmare, be level 50 to go into Hell and you need to finish the game on Hell AND be level 60 to go into Inferno difficulty.

The extra experience points and gold you earn when helping friends all adds up to your character at the end of the day. It’s also a lot more fun to play with friends than to power on by yourself.

By friends, I’m also talking about your follower. The only person that it helps by giving your follower better items is you. They do more damage, tank more and have a higher cast rate of spells based on their levels and their items. They are quite heavily gear dependent to be able to last in fights.

Also, play it smart. If you are a Barbarian or Monk and you tank mobs but don’t put out a lot of damage, get yourself and Enchantress or Scoundrel to do damage from far while you tank. If you are a Wizard or Demon Hunter who does damage from the back, use the Templar who can tank, heal and taunt the mobs which will make you last a lot longer.

Also take note that any Magic Find or Gold Find gear that sits on your follower will apply to your main character. Nobody is going to complain about an extra 35 percent Gold Find with the price of repairs.

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