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Call of Duty 4: Always a Classic

Over the years there has been a lot of coverage on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (CoD4), but I’d like to take a step back and look at how, despite being around for five years already, people are still talking about it.

CoD4 is a classic. And I don’t think anyone can really debate this. It definitely raised the standard on first person shooters for its time. The online play has still to be beat, in my opinion. Not even the more up-to-date counterparts can claim what CoD4 has and many gamers (myself included) have been very disappointed with the newer Call of Duty games' multiplayer.

The single player campaign was more engaging than most people could even hope for. It really set the bar high for the multiplayer. The multiplayer soared to the occasion, surpassing the single player game with such style that none of the previous and future Call of Duty games could hope to do. The online play was completely addictive and revolutionised the way online FPS would be played in the future. CoD4 introduced a new genre of skills and perks that no other shooter before it ever had.

Call of Duty 4 Online Gameplay

There have been five games in total after CoD4 and yet it is still played in leagues and people can still get sponsors for it. I do not know of any other game that has lasted this long in peoples’ hearts and minds. The 2012 Do Gaming Championships saw Bravado place first, BFB RgM second and BFB Lard third. Check out this link to some of the tournaments held over the past five years.

However, many teams have moved over to Black Ops II (including BFB RgM), although Bravado will still be playing it in the league for 2013. The registrations for CoD4 DGL 2013 are open and will be closing on 13 January 2013. So those of you that are still as much in love with the game as I am, don’t forget to register! Go here to sign up your team to CoD4 DGL 2013.

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