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Mint Dangerously Close to Relegation in CoD4

Week 4 has come and gone in the Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) Do Gaming League (DGL) 2011 third leg, with only two more weeks and pick and play matches left. Ventus eSports is still continuing their winning streak in the Premier League, sitting pretty at the top of the results log with four wins off the back of all four games played. Coming just under them and tied for second are BFB Lard and Bravado. Mint Gaming, however, are scooting dangerously close to the relegation zone.

This last week's games were fairly predictable, although Ventus came very close to losing their winning streak to Mint with 13 – 11 scores on both maps played (Crash, Crossfire). But Mint needed the win as they currently have a fifth placing in the results log at the moment with only one win under their belts as opposed to three losses.

Mint still need to face Power Gaming and [1st] Alpha for Week 5 and 6 respectively, plus RgM|Militia for their pick and play match. Now [1st] and RgM might equal a win for Mint, given Mint's experience, but RgM are doing very well in Premier and Power Gaming will probably be a match for Mint.

RgM still have their game with Lard, however, which will probably be a Lard win and therefore give Mint the upper hand in terms of points. [1st] Alpha and DI Chaos also still need to face Lard and Bravado, respectively, but still Mint are really cutting it close.

Other results for the week saw an intense match between DI Chaos and [1st] Alpha that ended in a draw. The first map was the indication of how things would go with a draw on Crossfire. [1st] then won the second map, District, with 13 - 10 but DI turned the tables on Crash with a win of 13 - 5 so the end result was a draw.

Power Gaming and BFB Lard had a match that included some subs and saw Lard take the win with 13 – 8 and 13 – 6. Bravado and RgM this last week saw Bravado take a win with 13 – 6 on Crossfire and 13 – 10 on Citystreets.

Looking forward, this week sees the big showdown between Ventus and Bravado. With Bravado and Lard already having played, an important match for this leg that resulted in a victory for Lard, and Ventus having beat Lard in week 3, this one will be a real decider for first place. The match is taking place at 8pm on Sunday and shoutcasting has been scheduled. Details of the shoutcast will be posted in an article later this week.

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