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Ventus Squeeze RGM

Ventus (Vitriolic) Gaming throttled the life out of RGM in their Call of Duty 4 DGl Championships quarter final match winning 13 – 6 and 13 – 8 on Crossfire and City Streets.

Dustin “Kontrabahn” Rhodes says the picks his team got in the first few rounds were important from a demoralization point of view.

“We found ourselves down almost every round, but for the most part we were able to pull it back and that just takes it out of them,” he says.

Ventus Gaming ook four rounds straight on defence of Crossfire before RGM got two back. From there it was pretty much one way traffic moving up to 8 – 4 at half time. Ventus closed it out on attack and only dropped two rounds with a final score of 13 -- 6.

“We don’t play strats until semis generally as we don’t want guys to know what we are doing,” he says. Ventus didn’t dominate RGM in most of the rounds but just used their experience to take them through.

On City Streets RGM took a few rounds up front on defence, but Ventus just reigned them in. From there they traded rounds until half time where it was 6 – 6. Ventus then ramped up to 11 – 6 before rounds were traded for Ventus to win 13 – 8.

They will now meet Bravado in the semi-finals.

Meanwhile after an easy first map on Strike against IGC, laRd looked like they may just fluff it against on Crossfire.

Chris “Evax” Noble says IGC held back and laRd got frustrated and went after them. Invariably their SMGs got taken out and then laRd were up against it.

The game was tight all the way with the teams locked all the way up to 10 – 10 before laRd managed to pull ahead to 12 – 10. IGC had a gasp at a draw when they pulled a round back, but laRd emphatically shut the door in the last round, to take the win.

They now face Mint Gaming in the semi finals which start at 6pm. Streaming for one of the games will be happening on Livestream.

I expect Bravado to close out Ventus 2 – 1 and laRd to take Mint 2 – 1 to set up a Bravado vs laRd final which I believe laRd will win. But its LAN, anything can happen.

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