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Vitriolic Deprived of CoD4 Final

Ventus (now Vitriolic) Gaming have been deprived of entering the Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) DGL 2011 Championship final as Bravado has managed to beat them in the semi's with a score of two maps to zero. This means Bravado goes into the Final which fires off at 9am tomorrow morning.

The two maps were somewhat slow affairs as both teams took things very cautiously. Vitriolic jumped on attack for the first map of Crossfire and right from the start the kind of play both teams adopted was to be the trend for the rest of the match, with it taking some time before the teams moved from the 1 – 0 score to Bravado's favour to a 3 – 1 score to the same team.

From there Bravado consistently pulled away, keeping Vitriolic one point behind. But towards the end of the half Vitriolic pulled in an even 5 – 5 and the two teams were neck and neck until a seven-all half time score.

With Bravado now on the more favourable side of attack they upped the pace of the game, pulling away from Vitriolic in round after round taking it all the way to a 13 – 7 win.

Strike saw the same momentum on both sides. The game started fairly quickly with the score moving up to 5 – 3 in Bravado's favour (this time playing attack first) and then to 6 – 4. From here the score remained the same for Vitriolic throughout with an 8 – 4 score at half-time and Bravado taking round after round on defence, enjoying a 13 – 4 win.

Dustin 'KonTraBanN' Rhodes, vice captain of Vitriolic, along with his team seemed to be visibly disappointed. That is to be expected, of course, as they have worked exceedingly hard this year and shown the naysayers that, despite line-up changes and other sorts of challenges, they have what it takes.

Rhodes says that it will be an interesting final should BFB laRd make it against mint, who they were playing in the other semi-final at the time.

“Bravado are slow and methodical while laRd likes to push hard and quickly. Those two differences in play could make an interesting final,” he says.

Stephen 'trolY' White, captain of the Bravado team, begs to differ on the impression Rhodes has of his team's style of play – an impression that is often repeated by many CoD4 gamers.

“It's a misconception. It really all depends on the map and the context,” he says.

We shall have to see. Details on mint and laRd's game are still forthcoming.

Watch the final tomorrow on the ZACAST LiveStream.

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