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Ventus One Over Lard

Ventus pulled a win over BFB Lard this last week in the Premier Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) Do Gaming League (DGL) 2011, breaking BFB's winning streak after they took out Mint last week and Bravado in the first week.

The match started with Ventus taking the first map of Crossfire with 13 – 11 and Lard bouncing back in a good way on Crash with 13 – 7 to Lard. But Ventus came back on Citystreets with another 13 – 11, sealing the victory.

Andrew 'd3tox' Deacon, Lard vice-captain, says things didn't go well for his team in the beginning as they seem a bit rusty after not having played together since last week Monday.

"The first few rounds went OK but Ventus then pulled it back, causing us to lose important rounds. We'd often get the bomb down but then have Ventus just take out all our guys," he says.

But the team suddenly got their game on for Crash, with Deacon saying they ended up playing the kind of game they usually play.

"It was fun. We really were having fun, the usual jokes between us were happening, and it felt great," he says. In the second half Lard were playing Attack, the harder side to play, but managed to get several rounds at once. "We really cruised through that map, but the third map our momentum was lost again," Deacon says.

The momentum was largely due to time-outs on Lard captain, Rynier G 'Cranky' Schoeman's side. Playing scope and Citystreets being a big map, this really affected the team's performance in a big way.

"We needed that range but didn't have it, while Ventus's scope was able to easily take us out. We were getting shot through smoke and every single round someone would die. The map ended up being 4v5 practically every round," Deacon says. The loss of Crossfire obviously sealed the deal for Ventus who go onto play Mint this week.

In the meantime, Bravado showed their strength in a win over Mint (13 – 8 on Crossfire, 13 – 4 on Backlot) while Power Gaming won two maps out of three in their match with DI Chaos.

The latter match reflects very interestingly when looking at the scores. Power Gaming managed to win with only two points to spare on the first map, Backlot, but DI came back to dominate on Crash and take that map with a score of 13 – 3. Unfortunately for them they were unable to keep the momentum and lost Strike 13 – 7, with Power Gaming taking the match.

The game between RgM and [1st] Alpha this week was unfortunately plagued by some controversy due to ping issues with some of Alpha's team. RgM took the win with 13 – 11 on Citystreets and 13 – 10 on Crossfire but [1st] left the match feeling somewhat upset.

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