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Telkom Do Gaming LAN Championships Set for rAge

The 2011 Telkom Do Gaming LAN Championships will take place in a VIP section at the rAge expo on 30 September to 2 October as the top gamers in Call of Duty 4, StarCraft 2, FIFA 11 and Counter-Strike 1.6 battle it out for a total prize pool of R160 000 and bragging rights as the best gamers in South Africa.

The Telkom Do Gaming LAN Championships are in their fourth year, with over R800 000 having been given away to gamers in that time. The Championships are the much anticipated culmination of the Telkom Do Gaming Online League – the largest online gaming league in South Africa – where gamers from around the country compete through the year to position themselves for an annual showdown at the Championships.

In this year’s Telkom Do Gaming LAN Championships, the top 32 Call of Duty 4 teams receive automatic entry while 16 Counter-Strike 1.6 teams will be invited to the Telkom Do Gaming LAN Championships. FIFA 11 and StarCraft 2 also make their debut at the Championships

Starcraft 2 and FIFA 11 Debut

StarCraft 2 and FIFA 11 debut at the annual Telkom Do Gaming LAN Championships with a bang. A winner’s prize for the StarCraft 2 tournament has been sponsored by Samsung, while Telkom will be providing cash prizes to the winners of both the StarCraft 2 and FIFA 11 tournaments.

The StarCraft 2 Telkom Do Gaming Online League was sponsored by Samsung in 2011 which provided prizes for the online qualification for the Championships.

Twelve gamers won Samsung RF 510 notebooks in qualification rounds while a further twelve gamers won Samsung 24-inch LCD screens. A total of 16 Samsung two terabyte external hard drives were also won and Samsung has sponsored flights and meals for competing gamers in the Starcraft 2 Telkom Do Gaming LAN Championships.

The top 15 StarCraft 2 gamers received qualification into the Telkom Do Gaming LAN Championships and a wild card tournament was also held giving gamers an additional chance to win the final spot in the tournament.

FIFA 11's entry into the 2011 Telkom Do Gaming LAN Championships comes on the back of two years of successful FIFA roadshow tournaments where Telkom Do Gaming gave the winners a trip overseas.

The top players from the FIFA PlayStation 3 and FIFA 11 Xbox 360 Telkom Do Gaming Online league will compete in the Championships.

Battlefield 3 Exclusive

Telkom Do Gaming will also be exhibiting at the rAge expo and will have exclusive playable Battlefield 3 preview code, courtesy of EA, prior to the game’s launch in November.

The Telkom Do Gaming stand will feature high-end PC’s from the Dell’s Alienware range of gaming PCs, giving gamers the best possible experience of Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 3 is an eagerly awaited First Person Shooter title, which promises to be one of the best games of 2011.

This will be the first chance for gamers to play Battlefield 3 in a multiplayer context prior to Telkom Do Gaming’s Battlefield 3 tournaments which will kick off after the game’s launch at the end of the year and the Telkom Do Gaming Online League for Battlefield 3 which begins in early 2012.

Telkom Do Gaming can also confirm a R50 000 prize pool for the Battlefield 3 tournament which will take place at the 2012 Telkom Do Gaming LAN Championships.

For more information on Telkom Do Gaming at the rAge 2011, see the Do Gaming launch centre.

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Fifa 11

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