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Previewing Bravado vs BFB laRd

Things are very tense ahead of the Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) final at the Telkom DGL 2011 Championships.

There is no doubt the Bravado must be the favourites to win. BFB laRd may have won the third leg of the Do Gaming Online League, but this is LAN and Bravado has not lost a map on LAN in three years.

Furthermore, Bravado has retained four of their five players over three years, whereas the laRd team has one remaining member from the 2009 final in the form of Andrew “D3tox” Deacon. In 2010, Bravado did not play in the DGL Champs but took the Gaming Inc Cup at rAge.

BFB laRd were losers last year to Ventus and got rattled in the final against an organised Ventus lineup which was spearheaded by Luca “Robohobo” Tucconi.

There is no respite for laRd with Tucconi having joined Bravado this year.
While Bravado have claimed not to have played too well this competition, laRd did not play very well against IGC and they did lose a map to miNt in tense game.

Gamers will be quick to remind me that anything can happen on LAN and I’ll eat my words if laRd win it, but the slow, strangling style of Bravado will likely come up trumps against the free flowing style of laRd.

LaRd showed in the game against IGC that when the other side is taking it slow or are camping, they look to push the game and it nearly got them into trouble against their lesser opponents.

Rynier “Cranky” Schoeman and Greg “Rora”van der Spuy are both brilliant players, but they do seem to be confidence players and have the potential to lose their heads under pressure.
While each of the laRd players has put up their hands during the championship, Bravado’s scores have shown they have proved to be consistent across the board, with Michael “Bl4ck0ut” Ferguson and Steyn “Vindicator” Grobler top scoring for them.

However, for Bravado it’s about team structure and just because a player is not scoring highly does not mean he’s not doing well.

In the end, will laRd’s flare trounce Bravado’s structure? It’s very unlikely. Bravado’s ability to force other teams to make mistakes which Bravado then capitalise on with brutal efficiency must make them favourites.

Stephen “troley” White’s precise leadership and structured approach in calling is also likely to prove more effective that laRd’s team calling approach.

The two teams approaches have been very different to the start of finals. BFB laRd has chosen to warm up against miNt while Bravado are chilling practising with their deagles and laughing together.

There is a good spirit between the two teams with Schoeman even helping Bravado with their setups on their machines to cut out lag that some players have been experiencing.

The two best CoD4 Teams have made the final and it if laRd are focused enough, they may manage to push it to three maps in which case they may stands a chance. If they don’t, Bravado will take the final 2 – 0.

The CoD4 DGL 2011 Champs are streamed live here.

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