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An Intense CoD4 Leg Ends

EClipse (eC) have taken the Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) First Division in their stride with only one loss to their name from seven games played. However, DnA: Necrofiend – who were also in the run for first place last week lost against sN SaniTy in their pick and play match, a loss which the team, for all purposes, should have won.

Due to space and time constraints, read the full match report for that game here.

With eC enjoying clear victories against CSA[aReS] and pRey.CoD4 (2 – 0 and 2 – 1, respectively) they took the top spot.

Necrofiend's loss had a double impact for the team, however, as they've ended up in third place thanks to Immersion (iM) having a higher map difference. So eC and iM are promoted to the Premier League.

From there each and every team needs to thank their map difference for their placing. PRey have taken fourth, sN SaniTy fifth and CSA[aReS] sixth. IMg`reActive could have made sixth but their map difference let them down, putting them in seventh position to be relegated to Second Division along with DnA:Valkyrie who were unable to garner any wins or draws this leg.

It's been one intense ride in CoD4 this year and the third leg has largely reiterated the theme throughout the year – the First Division is highly competitive, in some ways more competitive than the Premier League, and CoD4 skills in South Africa have improved so much this year.

With these results in mind, the DGL Championships at rAge are no doubt going to be epic and First Division teams might give Premier teams a serious run for their money. As they say, anything can happen at a LAN.

Second Division

As was pretty much expected, hacKME CoD4 topped Second Division with a clear record of wins. Coming second is osiRis`Amenta and third =USN=|Praetorian. HacKME and Amenta will be promoted to the First Division.

DAC Phoenix, who were tied in second place with osiRis`Amenta last week, dropped all the way to fourth in the final standings after losing to USN 14 – 10 in week 6 and to hacKME with 14 – 10 in their pick and play. This paved the way for Amenta to remain at second with wins against 4R|Totenkopf and Dvls (.Y.)

So what was an incredibly tight division last week has ironed out with clear points to each team. Dvls (.Y.) have placed fifth and 4R|Totenkopf sixth. Teams to be relegated are SSE (seventh) and FTG Bravo.

Third Division

MEoW Swazi are the kings of third division with a clear run all the way through. Res`.cod4 and DAC Blitzkrieg, however, were incredibly close with the former taking second and the latter third thanks to rounds difference. This means that Res will join MEoW in the Second Division next time.

F8N White Dragons have taken fourth and DnA:FaTal aTTraction fifth. The relegation zone is populated by EZCCOD4 and =USN=|Anubis, sixth and seventh respectively.

[TITLE]Fourth Division

Results for the Fourth Division were outlined in last week's article.

So who goes to the Champs?

A league blog outlines in detail which teams will be invited to the DGL 2011 Championships, taking place at rAge. Of the many teams in the CoD4 DGL 2011, 32 teams will be invited to the Champs. All teams from the Premier League down to the Third Division will be given registration priority over Fourth Division teams.

Register for the DGL 2011 Championships here.

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