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IM Still Strong and Other Results

The fourth week of Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) play in the Do Gaming League (DGL) 2011 Leg 3 is over and Immersion continues its strong all-win lead in the First Division; hackME in the Second Division; MEoW in the Third Division; just CoD4 and Team Area 52 in the Fourth Division Group A and D respectively, while Group B sees NEXT and Ecleptic and Group C sees nArk and and TNT Dynamite tying for first place.

First Division

Week 5's match results saw CSA win 2 – 0 against Prey, playing on Crossfire, Backlot and Crash. Crossfire was at first a draw but from there things didn't go well for Prey, with some controversy around ping issues, resulting in it being a 3 v 5 match apparently.

"We kept consistency [in Crossfire] and held [CSA] back a lot of the rounds. Backlot was a rather rough map. Without our AK's, we couldn't hold the bombsites. Crash was a repeat of Backlot," says Max 'AniMeTaL' Liebenberg from Prey.

Supernova (sN) and Eclipse (eC) enjoyed an incredibly tight match that saw sN take the first map of Crash, 13 – 10, but then eC took the next two maps, Crossfire and Strike, both with 13 – 11. Reinhard 'hondjie' Strydom from eC says it was incredibly tight and intense the whole way through.

"Eclipse started off on the back foot on Crash - struggling to win rounds with a drunk person (kondelz), a sub (synoptical) and a player coming out of an injury (hondjie). As kondelz sobered up though, he started to play a lot better and we managed to win Crossfire, 13-11.

"Supernova really surprised us with their solid strats and lethal A cover. They also used the timeout to their advantage. On Strike we could not have asked for a tighter game. Eclipse started out with a promising 7 – 1 lead and then Supernova once again opted for the timeout which proved fruitful as they managed to pull our lead back and secure a nerve wrecking final few rounds.

"Using their 'extreme slow-play pickzor' strat, they forced us to adopt a new approach. Luckily we pulled through to win strike 13 – 11," he says.

Supernova have also posted a detailed report on the match, which can be read at the Supernova website.

IMg`reActive vs DnA:Valkyrie saw iMg take the game with a 2 – 0 score overall. Clive 'Legend' Underwood from DnA says iMg proved to be a force to be reckoned with.

"They stood their ground and even though the Valkyrie players tried they just couldn't break their team work," he says.

And lastly for the First Division, DnA:Necrofiend won its game against iM'COD4 with 13 – 9 on Crossfire, then a draw on Strike, but a win on Backlot with 13 – 5.

Second Division

Last week it was noted that there appears to be a large gap forming in the Second Division and this seems to be the case again this week. It's not so much that the results log shows it, but some of the scores seem to indicate this.

4R|Totenkopf took its win against SSE this week with a score of 21 – 3, Osiris took a win against DAC (15 – 9), the dVLS had a 17 – 7 win against FTG Bravo and Hackme's winning streak was augmented by a further win of 15 – 9 on Strike against USN.

Third Division

Although MEoW are enjoying a no-loss reputation in the Third Division, this was tainted a little by a forfeit win this week as USN Anubis seemed to have disappeared off the map.

DAC Blitzkrieg got a 15 – 9 win against F8N White Dragons while Res.cod4 gave EZCCOD4 a bit of a pummelling, taking home a win for them.

It was a bye for DnA:FaTal aTTraction who are due to face MEoW this coming week while EZCCOD4 enjoy a rest.

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