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HXG LAN in October

Gamers in Gauteng who haven't had enough LANning at the end of rAge (and why would they?) will be delighted to hear about the Hyper Xtreme Gaming (HXG) LAN event taking place on the weekend after rAge (7 to 9 October) in Vanderbijlpark at the APF Club (9 President Boshof Street).

The LAN is even going to be visited by the ECS ELITEGROUP hardware manufacturer who are interested in seeing what South African LAN and IT Expo events have to offer.

Johann 'Ging3r' Wolfaardt says that this event is the beginning of regular LANs that will be taking place.

"It will be an open LAN event with prizes being provided for all the tournaments, which include the games Call of Duty 4 (free for all), DotA (1 vs 1) and either Counter-Strike 1.6 our Counter-Strike: Source," he says.

The LAN event is limited to 80 seats, however, due to the nature and setup for the visiting team from ECS ELITEGROUP. Gamers who are not from the Vanderbijlpark area must confirm their attendance on or before the 30th of September. Entrance will be R120 per person which the event organisers say includes a T-shirt and some other goodies.

"All HXG LAN Events will consist of one main tournament and one or two secondary tournaments for the time being. We're looking to give away promo goodies, offer assorted prizes and afford all attendees the chance to be part of something bigger and better than normal LAN Events.

"We’ve got it all… music, sponsored prizes, promo goodies, experienced admin support, safe parking, food, drinks and last but not least, the right combination of effects to create a LAN with the right atmosphere for all to enjoy," Wolfaardt says.

The HXG website will soon also include a shopping area where gamers can buy hardware and software. Free delivery (country wide) will be offered for purchases of over R500.

Visit the HXG website for more information and to register for the October HXG LAN.


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