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Mint Takes Qoob

Mint and qoob faced off in a very exciting quarter final match up of the Call of Duty 4 DGL Champs at rAge, the quarter finals are held in a best-of-three format which kicked off on the map City Streets.

Mint started off strong on attack, dominating rounds, seeing Aaron 'SloWye' Van der Walt playing a phenomenal game on scope. Ashley 'ashh' Hartmann top scoring for Qoob pulled out all the stops but couldn’t stop Mint from walking away in the lead at half time with an 8 – 4 lead.

Qoob decided to go with a cunning B-strat on attack giving it their all to attempt a comeback, but only managing to bag three rounds. Mint however won the match with a 13 – 7 score.

The second match was played on map Backlot, Qoob starting on attack. Mint showed great confidence taking round after round, countering Qoob as they shuffled from A to B strats, Vernon 'Reqium' Avis however was fast to stop Qoob in their tracks, getting kill after kill. At halftime, Mint were comfortably in the lead with a 10 – 2 score.

Switching sides brought better luck to qoob, winning a couple of rounds in succession but only managing to finish off the game with a 6 – 13 score. This sent Mint through to the semi-finals, where they will face off against BFB laRd.

The CoD4 DGL 2011 Champs are streamed live here.

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