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Huge BFB RgM vs Prey CoD4 Game

The Telkom DGL 2011 Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) Championships have just seen an epic match-up between two dark horse teams BFB RgM and prey – a match that ended in an incredibly tight draw. But the game was riddled with some controversy as prey were allegedly listening to the shoutcasting taking place for clues on RgM's positions.

The game went down on the map backlot as BFB RgM took attack first. RgM mostly kept possession of the game in the first round with a 6 – 9 upper hand by half-time. But things got quite hairy fast in the second half.

With prey on attack the score remained solid for a good while to RgM who managed to keep their lead at 7 – 10 but suddenly prey began to make a comeback, with the score sitting at 11 – 11 and now a huge crowd having gathered at the big screen here at the Champs.

A 4v2 resulted with prey having the upper hand and they managed to swing things to a 12 – 11 to their favour, but RgM came back brilliantly – now on attack – with a last minute 2 v 1 bomb plant that sent the game into a draw.

The allegations of listening to the shoutcasting have been discussed with the admins and while prey have not been penalised, BFB RgM go through to the next round anyway due to points difference.

Watch the game at the zacast Livestream channel.

Top 16

With the morning's first three rounds over the knockouts now begin. The top two of each group will go through and here they are:

Group A:

=BFB= laRd
osiRis`RAGEYE 2011

Group B:


Group C:


Group D:

Mint ` Call of Duty 4

Group E:

vzN. COD4

Group F:

pRey.rAge (under contention)

Group G:


Group H:


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