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CoD4 Premier Will Come To Round Difference

It's been a really fantastic third leg in the Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) Do Gaming League (DGL) 2011 and this last week saw things really go up in intensity as Bravado beat Ventus Gaming, breaking their winning streak and throwing the Premier League into disarray.

Despite their win, however, Bravado is not sitting at the top of the log. Right now, the top spot is tied between Ventus and BFB Lard, thanks to map difference, while Bravado comes in second. The result is that unless each of these three teams lose or draw in week 6 and their pick and play matches, which is highly unlikely, the victor of the leg will be decided on round difference.

Lard beat [1st] Alpha this week, 2 – 0 on Crash and Strike and is due to face RgM|Militia in this coming week and [DI].Chaos for a pick and play match. [DI].Chaos faces Bravado this week while Bravado face Power Gaming for a pick and play. Ventus are due to match up against Power this week while playing [1st] for a pick and play.

The game between Ventus and Bravado was a fantastic one. Ventus took the first map of Strike with a score of 13 – 7 but Bravado lashed back, just barely, with a 13 – 11 score on Crossfire. Crash, the third map, was the decider which Bravado took 13 – 5.

Stefano 'bl1kz' Batazzi from Ventus says that in Strike Ventus pulled off the win thanks to some important clutch rounds and 2 v 1 situations.

"This was on Strike defence, and that half gave us some important moral support for the attacking side. Bravado had a better defence and got back some rounds, but we managed to pull for a Strike victory," he says.

With all their confidence on the up, Ventus headed into Crossfire and played incredibly well, leading the game significantly by the first half.

"I think the score was 10 – 2. So we all thought we had this, but Bravado with their heavy discipline managed to stay focused, having an insane attack with their fast plants, winning the match," Batazzi says.

This is unfortunately when things went wrong for Ventus. Arguing over Bravado's win put the team in a bit of a spin and that, coupled with Bravado's strategy for the last map, sealed a 13 – 5 win for the latter.

"Overall, it was an awesome experience to learn our mistakes, and hopefully we can only improve," Batazzi says.

The rest of the Premier results show [RgM|Militia coming in at third, Power Gaming at fourth and Mint at fifth. [1st]Alpha and [DI].Chaos are both on equal points for sixth place and are in serious danger of being relegated to First Division at the end of the leg. With both teams due to face Premier mainstayers in the upcoming week and pick and play matches, it seems that the results here are somewhat decided.

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