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CoD4 First Division Highly Intense

The Call of Duty 4 First Division in the DGL 2011 is as tense as ever, with DnA:Necrofiend and eC|Cod 3+1=? both sitting for tie at first place when looking at their points. If both teams continue to play as strongly as they are now, the win for this leg might have to come down to map or even rounds difference.

But it's not like the results get any less intense from there. CSA[aReS] and iM'COD4 are tying for second, while iMg`reActive, pRey.CoD4 and sN SaniTy are all tied for third. The only team which we can probably safely make a prediction on at the moment is DnA:Valkyrie who are coming in last with no wins to their name.

In the coming week we're going to see eC match up against pRey.CoD4, a match that eC should win, while Necrofiend is going against sN SaniTy, a match they should also win.

After that, eC faces iMg`reActive for a pick and play, which is another game they should win. So the battle for first place in the First Division could end up revolving around Necrofiend's pick and play against CSA[aReS] which will now no doubt be the match and decider of the First Division this leg.

Now let's catch up on scores and match reports for week 5 in the First Division.

The important match of the week was certainly eC's match-up against CSA. But it appears eC took it rather easily with scores of 13 – 5 on Crash and 13 – 4 on Citystreets.

Nick 'hackZoR' Drennen, CSA vice-captain, says that, to be honest, he and his team were not looking forward to this game, knowing the calibre of players in eC.

"We unfortunately had a really hard time against eC who seemed to have the upper hand all the way on both maps. We did not have the same confidence we did with our previous games which has showed in our performance.

"We lost track of our strats and didn't follow them correctly and our calling was shocking. EC picked up on our weaknesses really quickly and dominated them," he says.

Warren 'Fl=tch' Fletcher from eC says CSA's rush 'nades (especially B alley and Crash) were exceptionally well timed, however.

"And annoying!" he adds. "It was a great game."

PRey managed to beat iM on 13 – 11 on both Crossfire and Crash, respectively. Max 'AniMeTaL' Liebenberg from pRey says that this was the game that pRey were straight-up nervous for.

"We knew iM were an experienced team with a solid line-up and solid play. We lost the knife elimination, and the maps were Crossfire, Crash and Backlot.

"The Crossfire game was interesting. PRey started on attack. We had good momentum, winning the first few rounds consecutively, 6 - 1. But they quickly started catching up, changing their playing style and mixing up strats all the time. The half time ended up on 6 - 6 and we started defence on the backfoot.

"Defence saw a lot of good aggressive play from both sides, iM getting a few very quick and unstoppable plants. The rounds were intense, us getting ahead on the 23rd round, making the score 12 - 11. We managed to pick out the last round, 13 – 11," he says.

Crash was quite similar to Crossfire in playing styles. PRey started on attack but their SMGs struggled to play efficiently around A building, due to iM's control of the bins and bottom floor. The result at half time was 7 – 5 to iM.

"Generally our defence is quite strong, so we went into the second half with confidence. We pulled back four straight rounds bring the score to 9 - 7 to us," says Liebenberg. "From there it was a one-for-one round situation, bringing the final score to 13 - 11 to pRey. Brilliant game."

DnA Necrofiend played against their brothers-in-arms, DnA Valkyrie this week and ended up taking the maps, Backlot and Crash, 13 – 5 and 13 – 6 respectively.

IMg beat sN Sanity with a 2 – 1 overall score this week, although it seems the match was loaded with strange controversy resulting in heated comments after the match from sN management.

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