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CoD4 Week 5 A Maths Challenge

After all of our coverage of the Premier and First Division in the Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) Do Gaming Leagues (DGL) 2011 yesterday there was very little time left to report on the lower divisions.

It seems that a lot of the results are going to be something of a maths challenge for the admins as things continue to be tight throughout all the divisions. Here is how things went down for week 5 in the other divisions.

Second Division

It seems that hacKME∙CoD4 have got this as they continue to enjoy a winning streak. With a game against FTG Bravo, who are coming last on the ladder, this week there's really only DAC Phoenix who stands in their way.

Their pick and play match is scheduled for tomorrow and it's bound to be a good one. Phoenix are currently in a second place tie with osiRis`Amenta and if Phoenix win their match against FTG we're going to have a similar situation as in the Premier League where it may come down to maps difference or even points difference between the top three teams. It seems this leg in CoD4 is tense throughout all the divisions.

OsiRis' next game is against 4R|Totenkopf this week while they face Dvls (.Y.) for their pick and play match.

So the results this week saw hacKME beat 4R|Totenkopf, 18 - 6 while DAC Phoenix and Dvls (.Y.) had an incredibly tight game which was awarded to DAC after they scored 13 – 11.

FTG Bravo vs USN|Praetorian saw USN take it 13 – 9. The real big score difference this week came in the game against SSE and osiRis Amenta, with the latter taking Crash with 22 – 2.

Third Division

MEoW|Swazi have actually taken the leg after they dominated DnA:FaTal aTTraction this week with a pretty large score gap. While the results log doesn't show it, MEoW have already played their pick and play against F8N White Dragons which they won 19 – 5 and with a bye this week and an all-win record, this one is in the bag. MEoW will be promoted into the Second Division for the next leg.

The battle is now for second place between Res`.cod4 and DAC Blitzkrieg. Unfortunately this might be one for the admins because it could boil down to points but with a forfeit in the works things get complicated.

Res's next scheduled game is against USN Anubis this week but Anubis have actually retired from the league, which means Res will get a forfeit win. Res has already played DnA:FaTal aTTraction in their pick and play, a game which they won 20 – 4, while DAC's bye is the pick and play match so they need to only face EZCCOD4 this week. DAC will need to hit it hard to get the points but how the forfeit win points will be allocated to Res will be a big contributing factor (admittedly, DAC would have the same points awarded when Anubis forfeited against them).

Fourth Division

Just CoD4 have topped Group A with GAMEOVER/ trailing just behind. Group C is still somewhat complicated as Ecleptic and NEXT continue to tie for first place. The admins are still waiting for results from both these teams after they faced this week and it looks like it may have been double forfeit.

Group C sees |TNT|Dynamite at the top while nArk`COD4 is at second. In Group D, Area 52 are at the top with vzN. COD4 just behind.

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