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CoD4 Half-Way Into Leg

We're already half-way into this third and final leg of DGL 2011 as teams in the top divisions continue to try and secure a placing for the DGL Championships at rAge. Here are the Week 3 results for the Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) First Division right down to the Fourth Division.

First Division

Immersion (iM) continued their strong form in the division by taking out iMg reActive with 13 – 7 on Crossfire and 13 – 4 on Backlot. This gives the team three straight wins to come on top of the log with nine points.

But looking down the log from there it seems that the ball is firmly in the court. CSA [aReS], DnA: Necrofiend, eC and sN SaniTy all have one loss, giving them all seven points. The competition here is sure to entertain in the next few weeks.

DnA: Necrofiend got their win this week over pRey, but the match didn't start off too well for Necrofiend. The first map, Crossfire, saw Necrofiend only get in five points as opposed to pRey's 13, but after that Necrofiend turned the tables, scoring 13 – 11 on Backlot and 13 – 7 on Crash.

Fellow DnA team, Valkyrie, unfortunately could not get a win this week, keeping them in a three losses from three games played situation. EC took the win 2 – 0 against them this week on Crash and Backlot respectively.

In what was labelled an intense game by the players, CSA won their match against sN SaniTy with scores of 13 – 11 on Strike and then 13 – 5 on Crash.

Second Division

The Second Division right now sees =DAC=Phoenix and hacKME∙CoD4 neck and neck with both having no losses to their name (both have nine points). These two are set to match up for a pick and play match so it may be some time before we see them go head to head.

DAC's win this week was against SSE while hacKME got their win against Dvls, 13 – 11. It appears that there may be a large gap forming in the Second Division, however, with USN beating =USN=|Praetorian with a score of 22 – 2 and osiRis taking out FTG, 24 – 0.

Third Division

MEoW Swazi continue to show a clear strength in the Third Division with four wins out of four games played. Admittedly, this is one more game than the rest have played but even at three games MEoW were trailing ahead.

This week MEoW's win came in their match against DAC Blitzkrieg which ended on 15 – 9. In the meantime F8N White Dragons got a win over EZCCOD4 while DnA: FaTal aTTraction won a forfeit after USN Anubis failed to field a team. Anubis have now retired from the league.

Res`.cod4 had their bye this week and are due to face EZCCOD4 this coming week.

Fourth Division

The Fourth Division sees Just CoD4 leading Group A, Ecleptic topping group B, while nArk`COD4 and |TNT|Dynamite sit even for the top spot of Group C and Team Area 52 CoD4 are leading Group D strongly.

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