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BFB to Face-Off Bravado in Finals

After what was an extremely intense round of three maps between =BFB= laRd and Mint, =BFB= laRd ended off the night as the victors. The Telkom DGL 2011 Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) Championships has seen yet another clash of the titans.

The first map played was Crash where =BFB= laRd started on Attack. It was a briefly rocky start and saw BFB lose the first three rounds. It would seem that the team was not prepared for Mint’s outstanding 'nades.

Rynier G 'Cranky' Schoeman and Greg 'Rora' van der Spuy rounded up their troops and communicated well with their team mates to start focusing and play a smart game. From then on the team started winning rounds with an excellent A-strat, turning the game around to finish with a score of 7 – 5 at half time.

The second half of the map was a success for =BFB= laRd yet again as they only allowed Mint to win one round. BFB kept their defenses tight and played cautiously, winning the map 13 – 6.

Map two, Crossfire, held a big surprise for the =BFB= laRd team. Starting off the game on Attack once again, laRd played an electric first half scoring eight points to four. Mint on the other hand had something else in mind for the second half. They boasted a well calculated and strategically strong gameplay on Attack, with Vernon 'Reqium' Avis dominating. In the end Mint pulled back an incredible game, putting the pressure on their opponents round after round and getting the bomb down early in the rounds. After a heated game of cat and mouse, Mint finally wrapped up the game taking the win by 13 – 11.

Both teams were now psyched up and on their toes, ready to take on each other in a fight to get to the Telkom DGL 2011 CoD4 Championship final. The third and final map to break the tie and decide the winner was played on City Streets. The two teams played a melee (knife) round to decide who was to start at what side of the map, Mint won and elected to start on defense.

=BFB= laRd went into the match with confidence that they knew the map well and had a solid strategy to win rounds and yet again won the first half with an 8 – 4 score, getting the bomb planted and covering it effectively. It seemed that laRd’s communication and confidence paid off.

In the second half Mint only had the chance to secure two more round wins, leaving laRd the winners with a score of 13 - 6 and allowing them to go through to the Final where they will face-off against Bravado after Bravado deprived Vitriolic of going through to the Final themselves.

So, once again it's a Bravado and BFB laRd final, which fires off at 9am tomorrow morning. Watch it on the ZACAST LiveStream.

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