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XtC, HpX and Divine Enter CoD4 Premier League

The Champions Cup for the second leg of the Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) DGL 2012 has headed into the semis with a top four that sees one First Division team throw a spanner in the Premier works.

The teams are Bravado, xTc, ASF and BFB Regiment. All of those are Premier teams with the exception of xTc, who had placed second in Group A for the First Division in the logs for leg 2.

With the Playoff structure seeing the bottom eight in the Champions Cup going to the First Division, second leg Premier teams pRey, Res and hacKME will be relegated. Res is a bit of a disappointment as the team did show promise earlier in the year but have since dropped in performance.

Coming into Premier is divine` COD4, HpX |N-erGy and xTc. The new MGO, Divine Gaming has been making waves this year and having a team in CoD4 Premier is further testament to the talent in this clan.

Next up in the Playoffs, Bravado and xTc will face while ASF and BFB Regiment will go head to head. The games are scheduled to take place on Monday so there's not much action going on here until then.

In the quarters, the teams that pulled through all managed to beat their opponents by 2 – 0. Bravado took out HpX |N-erGy 2 – 0; xTc beat iM; ASF took out divine while Regiment took out DI Chaos.

Alienware is sponsoring five Alienware PC's to the CoD4 DGL 2012 Championships Alienware is sponsoring five Alienware PC's to the CoD4 DGL 2012 Championships

The teams that will be in First Division for the next leg are therefore as follows:

  • hacKME CoD4
  • i.SBS [Cod4]
  • pRey.CoD4
  • 4R|Totenkopf
  • Res`.cod4
  • CSA.aReS
  • L-E-Tek
The Premier League will be:
  • Bravado
  • HpX |N-erGy
  • iM'COD4
  • [xTc]COD4
  • =A.S.F=CoD4
  • divine` COD4
  • =BFB=RegiMent
  • DI Chaos
The third leg will see the stakes even higher as a placing in the Premier Division guarantees an invite to the DGL 2012 Championships, where there are fantastic prizes at stake, including Alienware PC's.

UPDATE: ASF Vintage are not in the above list(s) as they have retired and are also no longer a part of ASF.

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