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DG Blog: Winning rAge BFB Style

Below is a blog by Ian 'iTR' Robertson from our Do Gaming Blog. The post talks about his experience in winning the Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) DGL Championships last year at rAge.

The community blog is an initiative to grow content on gaming in South Africa by giving gamers the chance to write their own blogs. There are some nice prizes on offer including a trip to GamesCom and three Alienware X51 PCs.

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So before anyone carries on reading, I would just like to inform you: This is not a “I am better then you” , or a “ I won rAge and you didn’t! “ blog; or even an EGO boost. This is simply my story on winning the biggest event of the year in South Africa.

The build up

Around about the 3rd leg is where people like to term it “s*** gets real”, as this is where it matters most - if it's getting the best seeding for rAge, or getting all the practice in to make sure you are “warmed up” for rAge, or simply to get the final rAge lineup ready and planned etc.

This is where people tend to take things quite a bit more seriously. Around this time you start seeing a lot of the teams becoming immensely active for obvious reasons. It becomes a lot easier to get “friendly” matches at nights, and more of them!

This is also about the time that teams start “stratting” a lot more, again for obvious reasons. For BFB lard, this was a complete shocker: A team has to strat before rAge?

Well that is BFB Terminology it seemed, as I was still “somewhat” new to the team, being only in the team for 1 leg already. It was a complete and utter shock to see a team not taking it 100% seriously, and even if we did manage to book a strat night, getting the whole team on that night, was…well… impossible.

Anyways, once we got everyone on, this is where everyone brainstormed and thought “mmmm” this could work well, if you stand here, and I cover here etc. Obviously, we had to test these strats!

The “Friendlies”

Or, “practice matches”. Well these are obviously where you put plan to action, right? Well, that didn’t always work out for us; you see we had these “strats” that seemed so amazing, not even Fnatic could anti-strat us! So, with complete determination, we went on the servers (after managing to fricken get Rora online!) and well… we would do terribly.

This is round about the time where we “wing it” and do our own thing. The next map after raging at each other (mostly Evax because it used to “always be his fault that the strat is not working”) we usually would do rather well to say the least.

The Emotions

Now we get to the part where, after, say for example, beating Bravado in a Friendly by doing our own thing instead of the “ultra super doopa strat”, we usually get into the “ F***, we got this. rAge is ours for the taking, NO-ONE CAN TAKE US NOW” sort of mindset.

This usually all falls apart in the next friendly against, say, Vitriolic, where we would get destroyed hopelessly. Then we get into the “**** guys! We got to start practicing, or we won’t even make top 6 at rAge!”

Obviously, the emotions will always change in every game depending on a win or lose; also getting into the situations where we would strat or practice for a week, not playing any games so that we can JUST PRACTICE, for good reason we thought this would pay off, but it didn’t always. Then we would get a week where Rora could not play (“usually he's doing ANYTHING else”) so we would not play for that week and we would convince ourselves that we need this “break week”. Obviously we thought we were going to take a while to get back into it, but of course not, this is BFB we talking about here.

No, instead in all our games we would do tremendously well! (Not being defeated UNTIL we stratted again.) This made it clear to us that we should stop all these fancy strats and instead just tell each other where the heck we must cover; and that is it, and it worked! (only BFB!)


So, rAge weekend has come upon us quicker then we had hoped or wished. Hoping that our strats (we continuously convinced ourselves we still had strats) would pay off.

Before anything, and I say ANYTHING happened on rAge Friday - and I mean before we went to pick any teammates up from airports, or go to anyone's house to “prepare” - me and the famous Cranky (you all have seen him. If you have ever been to a LAN that hosted a COD4 event, you remember that big fat angry looking Afrikaans guy in the back that’s raging at people? Well that’s him)... back to the point, me and Cranky went to a nice butcher in Centurion and Cranky delighted my taste buds to a HUGE bag of biltong for breakfast.

I know what you guys are thinking: “BEST BREAKFAST IN THE WORLD“. Well you're right, and that was a power breakfast for a busy weekend ahead!

Well, after getting at Rora’s house, you'd think we stratted all night. OF COURSE NOT, this is BFB guys. You see, we all played our own little games while Rora convinced us he was going to get cooldrinks and Chicken Licken. Instead he surprised us (I’m lying, this never surprised us) and was a team-player and amazing host and kindly went to the Sexpo with his girlfriend while still having us think he was on his way to Chicken Licken.

After arriving 4 - 5 Hours later with some amazing chicken, he asked us to start stratting. Of course we said yes! So we all went onto Counter-Strike: Source and played on a open server for the rest of the evening.

The final games!

Now, I’m not going to jump to the final match before I mention a few notable matches first.

Obviously this is where the real tension is. This is where teams from lower divisions make their major upsets (of course a lower div team can’t do well against a Premier league team online, they're HACKING!)

There are some games where you truly and honestly believe to your core that it is going to be a tough one and must really play properly and take the team seriously because what if we lose WE OUT! And sometimes those teams land up being a walk over, then you get to play teams where you take things seriously but WOW they are doing well against you, or are we doing badly?

Then you realise: Wait a second, these guys have been practicing, they really brought their A-Game (the team I’m talking about here is CuRz3d’s team; I believe the name was iGC; these guys really made my body turn into a personalised sauna as I was so tensed and worried - I mean these guys lost to us in such a tight game, I will be honest and say I was more worried during this game then the actual finals!)

It’s kind of disheartening realising that these guys played their hearts out, knowing that if they lose this they are completely out of the event, and that they want to win JUST as much as we do; but you have to get your head back in the game and realise you want this too, and have to fight for it just as much as they are right now!

So, the Finals! Hmmmm, where to begin? After doing investigative work (just kidding, we know bravado are campers) we realised that we were not going to be able to win the final game against Bravado if we could not play disciplined, as any COD4 player would tell you that bravado were the most disciplined team to compete against!

So we thought and brainstormed and ate some chicken the night before, and thought some more, and finally came to the conclusion on what to do, and point out to each other what we can and cannot do!

Now we are playing, and we could not have been more right in knowing what Bravado were going to do. They were going to wait for us to peek , take a pick and push a bombsite that is weaker than the other. Then in all the months that I played for BFB, and all the years that I played Call of Duty 4, the whole team managed to snap into it quicker than I have ever seen - we KNEW exactly what must be done to win rAge! We must out camp them! (We were slowly picking up on this idea but it was forcefully and brutally told to us in Afrikaans by Cranky; that is what caused us to all simultaneously realise the same thing.)

And after we realised what must be done we were all dead, except our Captain Cranky and Evax. Now this is where the motivation came in to take the first map! It was a 2v5 Situation with Cranky and Evax left to defeat the whole Bravado team and diffuse the bomb.

Well to be honest I did not have faith that round. I don’t think anyone else did. But wow, within seconds they started getting picks (yes Evax too... unbelievable right?). Of course now everyone is glued to their seats to see the outcome of this round as the two players started getting more and more picks.

I started getting faith. Now, before the round could go any further (obviously if anyone remotely knows Cranky, they knew that he would not clutch a round like this without at least doing one jump attack with a flying un-scope combo). Well that’s what he did, and we won the round, which was the amazing team motivation booster for us to get this first map in the bag.

After winning the first map we realised that it was great, but not over! We NEEDED to keep our heads together and make sure we take the second map!

So, the second map starts.

We are one map in the lead. We just need to win one more map to win rAge. It was SO close! We can’t screw it up now! This is where the REAL nerves kick in; and after winning the first map the adrenalin was pumping, and everyone knew what they had to do and we did it flawlessly, and it worked!

We kept winning rounds and losing rounds, eventually breaking ahead. Then we realised we are really about to win this thing! That’s usually when people go all out, “WHO GIVES A DAMN, WE HAVE WON ALREADY!” and we managed to take the final map.

Now it's very hard to explain the feeling of having half the hall stand up shouting, including the BFB team and many spectators sitting behind us, standing and shouting when we won! It's hair raising to say the least.

As you can see in this picture below, Rora was so excited he wanted a little bit of iTR! Luckily the picture doesn’t show me performing a level 82 Diversion on him and his full frontal contact!

You see, there are three very notable teams and their managers that are so diverse from each other. It just shows what kind of managers certain teams need!

Bravado – Vitriolic “Stephen“ Short but tactical guy making sure his team knows what to do in a match, with “on-the-fly-anti-stratting”

Vitriolic – KontrabanN “Dustin” Soft, never raging, making sure his team stays calm!

BFB – Cranky “Rynier“ Damn, where do I start. Let's just say if you do something wrong in a match, he will make sure you realise it and fix it as soon as possible, OR ELSE!

Here is a video. I know it’s not Call of Duty 4 but it highlights the kind of emotions players express when winning a huge event, such as rAge (especially for the first time).

And a CoD4 vid too:

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