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VnRǂLycans Captain Interview

Veneration e-Sports currently sits top of Open Division’s Group B, with the promising VnRǂLycans undefeated in six games and going strong.

Lycans captain Devon ‘Red’ Hutchison talks with Do Gaming about the difference in competitive titles and his team’s performance for the Winter Leg.

Do Gaming: How did you come to find yourself as captain of VnR Lycans.

Hutchison: Originally, Veneration had an established CoD4 team in ‘Team Absolute’ with a couple of players deemed excess. I suggested a second team enter the Do Gaming League with me at the helm.

DG: You enjoyed a very successful StarCraft 2 Summer Leg which saw you finish top of Group A in the First Division. Why then did you make the switch to CoD4, more specifically from RTS to FPS?

Hutchison: I played both StarCraft 2 and CoD4 during the Summer Leg but focused more on the former. While StarCraft is mainly for the individual game, CoD4 is team focused - something I enjoy. The banter, laughter, rage and tactics all appeal to me and the decision to jump titles was because of the team dynamic.

DG: How does preparation for league games differ from RTS to FPS?

Hutchison: In a way it’s the same. In StarCraft 2, you studied your opponent. Practice new builds and focus on improving. In CoD4, there is input from five or seven people which is great and makes for a better experience.

DG: Which title do you find more competitive or stressful?

Hutchison: Call of Duty 4. Although the scene is kind of dying, it’s still very competitive with some great teams and players involved.

Far Right: Devon ‘Red’ Hutchison

DG: What do you feel has attributed to your team's Winter Leg success?

Hutchison: The team consists of some great friends who have competed on LAN together so we gel nicely. We had to adjust the line-up because of school commitments but the team we have now is stronger than ever.Of course, we work hard and are always looking for new ways to improve.

DG: Your toughest game so far?

Hutchison: nAv |Incense really pushed us. Our first map was on Crossfire and they had us pinned 4 – 8 at halftime. Luckily, we managed to pull back a draw before taking Strike 13 – 8 but they are such a great team and it wasn’t easy.

DG: Expectation for the Winter Leg?

As a team, we are looking at a top three finish if not top before we turn our attention to the Do Gaming Championships.

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