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UBS Acquires a European CoD4 Team

UberSoldaten (UbS) has recently taken on a European Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) team, dubbed UbS|EU, the first step in the clan's vision to expand globally. It also further solidifies the clan's new strategy where Alexander 'Renji' Smith wants to move things in a more competitive direction.

“I'm heading up the competitive side of things but UbS will also retain its social aspect,” says Smith, adding that Graham 'R3v07v3R' Pelham is taking over that side of things. “Both of us have been leading the clan for about two months now.”

It's all part of moving the clan into a multi-gaming organisation (MGO). UbS now has teams in Counter-Strike, Call of Duty 4, and also a Premier League of Legends (LoL) team as well as DotA 2 players and a Starcraft 2 player.

“The European team was formed through a set of interesting circumstances,” says Smith. “Recently, we found some Europeans trolling our servers and we booted two of them out. But then I got messaged by another European looking to confirm who I was. He and his friends had heard that I played CoD4. They wanted to know more about UbS. As things developed I asked him if his team would be interested in joining UbS and eventually the whole team came online.”

The relationship developed from there. To show the team's expertise, Smith says that UbS|EU won a recent Cup in Europe that got them into #cod4.preinvite (a prestigious European IRC channel / group). From .preinvite a team can move into .invite where they play against some of the best in the world. Teams are also then invited to LANs.

The UbS | EU team has the following line-up:

    Leon 'yek0g' Platt (Captain)
    Ryan 'darkRYN' Gladwin
    Luke 'LukeY<3' Brereton
    Johnny 'nitrZ' De Sousa (Manager)
Smith says the team hail from Great Britain but De Sousa is originally from South Africa.

“They understand the competitive and social aspects of gaming, which fits perfectly in with the UbS culture,” says Smith. “It's also great as well as we can learn strats from them and them from us.”

Interestingly, Smith says that – contrary to popular opinion – CoD4 is not dying in Europe.

“I asked the guys what the scene is looking like over there and they say it's alive and well. Many of the top teams are still playing – Fnatic, Dignitas and others,” he says. “It's still one of the bigger scenes in Europe.”

Moving on from CoD4, Smith says he is also currently negotiating with Korean Starcraft 2 players to join the clan.

“It's obviously somewhat difficult because of the language barrier – I need to get my own personal translator in to chat to them properly!” he says. “We want to go global and take things to a new level. As soon as others see that a South African clan can expand globally, they will start doing the same. It's also good for European clans to see South Africans involved; I believe that'll change the ball game.

“I feel that South Africans can make a big impact on this scene – especially with MGO's like Bravado and the like. Bravado, BFB Lard, XtC – these guys can compete internationally and I believe they have what it takes. And as soon as the local gaming community expands overseas then we'll see bigger sponsors on board and the scene will change drastically.”

UbS are also looking to expand into other titles such as CS:GO.

“We want UbS to be involved in all the competitive first-person shooter (FPS) and role-playing game (RPG) titles. When a new title comes around that's good for the competitive level, we want to get involved.

UbS|pRey in CoD4

UbS | pRey began playing this year's Do Gaming League (DGL) from the second leg and are already entering the Champions Cup for this leg's playoffs – a fact that Smith is very proud of.

“We're feeling confident about the playoffs and have been working hard on our strats and teamwork and so forth. We're taking things seriously and are now playing against some top local teams. It's going to be tough but I trust my team-mates and I hope we'll pull through.”

If they can get through the first round in the playoffs then pRey get a guaranteed invite to the CoD4 Telkom DGL 2012 Championship, happening at the rAge expo on 3 – 5 October. Not only are Alienware X51 gaming rigs up for grabs to the winners of the Championship, but also cash from the total prize pool of half a million rand for the entire Championships. Read more about that here.

Registrations for the Championships are also open.

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