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Seeds for CoD4 Champions and Novice Cups

The seeds for the Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) DGL 2012 Champions and Novice Cups have been released, with teams given the opportunity to take the top spot in the league or get themselves into a higher division.

Error from yesterday's results

Yesterday, we reported that ASF had topped the logs but this was unfortunately incorrect due to an informational error on the system. In reality, Bravado pipped ASF to the post with a rounds difference of only nine – very close!

All in all, ASF won 214 rounds and lost 138, creating a difference of 76. But Bravado won 191 rounds yet lost 106, giving them a difference of 85. So although ASF won more rounds they also lost more, which puts Bravado at the top.

While ASF (formerly Vitriolic) were on the top of the logs in the last leg, enjoying a clear run of victory, Bravado took them out in the playoffs and secured themselves the winners of the first leg. Now Bravado have taken the logs but will ASF turn the tables and get their revenge in the playoffs? We'll have to see.

Alienware is sponsoring five Alienware PC's to the CoD4 DGL 2012 Championships Alienware is sponsoring five Alienware PC's to the CoD4 DGL 2012 Championships

Champions Cup Seedings

It's time for lower teams to get themselves into Premier for the third leg of the year so they can set themselves up nicely for the end-of-year Championships, with some fantastic prizes at stake, including five PC's from Alienware.

Here are the seedings then for the Leg 2 Champions Cup:

1. bvd.Call of Duty 04
2. A.S.F=COD4
3. BFB=RegiMent
4. iM'COD4
5. pRey.CoD4
6. [DI].Chaos
7. Res`.cod4
8. hacKME∙CoD4
9. HpX |N-erGy
10. divine` COD4
11. L-E-Tek
12. [xTc]COD4
13. i.SBS [Cod4]
14. CSA.aReS
15. 4R|Totenkopf
16. ASF=Vintage

Novice Cup

Things are quite heated in CoD4 in the lower divisions. Teams in the Novice Cup, if they do well, stand a chance of getting themselves into a higher division and then entering the Champions Cup at the end of leg 3, able then to secure an invite into the Championships if they continue to perform.

Here are the seedings for the Novice Cup:

1. DnA:Necrofiend
2. SSECOD42012
3. |MEoW|Swazi
4. erA#sExy
5. nGG ' Fearless
6. DnA:Valkyrie
7. Ps[-_-]
8. a52` COD4
9. dS||Delta Squad
10. OcTaNe`<3
11. asN. |NA|
13. HxG | eSpera
14. uSo=Kaas&Wyn
15. mC.Isis
16. HxG|diVinity
17. nAz Goosenuts
18. BFB= laRd
19. NB |Anthrax
20. BaWsCoD4
21. divine Juniors
22. PewPew Nou Braai
23. tAc.The Tubers
24. uSo=Impossibru
25. vQ_CoD4

We're looking forward to some great CoD4 to come.

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