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Remembering and Honouring Sean Lancaster

Many gamers in the local community, in particular the Call of Duty 4 community, were saddened by the news of Sean "Sniper" Lancaster's passing today, who had been fighting leukemia for some time.

Tjaart 'LiveR' Fourie was a close friend of Sean's and played in many Call of Duty 4 teams with him. He has provided a write-up, published below, in honour of this well-respected and much loved man.

Rest in Peace Sean, Nov 30 1993 - Sep 19 2012.

Sean "Sniper" Lancaster Sean "Sniper" Lancaster, pictured left, with Arno 'Smoke' Bouwer (middle) and Lodewyk 'Tom' van der Westhuizen (right)

When I heard about Sean’s passing away the feeling that gripped my heart most was not sadness but pure regret – regret that I was not able to spend more time with him. Every day people pass you by but there are the few that really make an impact on you and your life and Sean was one of these people.

Sean was the reliable brother in the Call of Duty community. The one who would always show you your mistakes and correct them, always on time, would always laugh at your jokes and just be there to have a chat with into the early hours of the morning.

When Sean was diagnosed with his condition it was felt not only in his life but in the life of others. That this genuine guy would be burdened with such a weight at such an early age – a talented rugby player and gamer and strong voice within the Call of Duty community.

I was lucky to have a close relationship with Sean. He helped me build a strong online team, introduced me to many elements of online gaming and always kept in touch with me while on my travels.

Online, many youths looked up to him, listened to his guidance and heeded his voice. He often helped with shoutcasting and was an avid contributor to the Call of Duty 4 community.

I will never forget how upset Sean would get in team matches when people did not listen or stick to what they were supposed to do. He was such a passionate person when it came to his hobbies / interests that it would exude through his emotions and be driven onto his peers that we would eventually have no choice but to follow.

Unfortunately this page of writing about Sean’s life is both too short and filled with “was” instead of “is.”

I always try to shake off regrets in life but because of people like Sean regret will never be able to be fully avoided. Sean, I am happy to say you are one of my favourite regrets in the walks of my life and you will never ever be forgotten.

It was an absolute pleasure to have known you my friend. I just wish we could have had more… more time.

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