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DGL 2011 Champs CoD 4 Round 1

The first round of Call of Duty 4 (CoD4) at the DGL 2011 Championships have come to an end and here's a quick update.

BFB laRd have topped Group A with a win against osiRis (admittedly, this is just a three-team group) while Bravado and hacKME have beaten their respective opponents (DvLS Y and DAC Son!c Rage) in Group B. Round two will see laRd and hackME face.

Group C sees DnA:Valkyrie on the top with a game now coming up against vTL.

The two winners in Group D for the first round were Mint and DnA:Inertia while CSA.aReS and FTG Delta were the two losers (now due to face each other).

Qoob and sN were the two top dogs in Group E while Group F saw BFB Regiment take the top spot against the whitedragons. Group F's two DnA teams, Necrofiend and FaTal Attraction are due to face each other now after losing their respective games against the top two.

Group G sees DI and nArk top the group and H's winners are iM and IGC. It's EC and GAMEOVER who lost their respective games against nArk and DI and these are due to face each other.

Round two is currently being played. Keep an eye out on the @DoGamingLeague Twitter feed for live tweets!

NOTE: Watch the LIVE STREAM of CoD4 at with shoutcasting.

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