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RoccatSA: The DGL’s Youngest Collective Team

The RoccatSA clan seems to be sporting the youngest (and most diverse) collective team in the Telkom 2013 Do Gaming League (DGL) – with players ranging from 51 years old to... most notably, 9-year old Luhan ‘Luhan’ Strydom!

ROCCATSA seems to have stepped it up - fielding teams across both the popular league (Premier) and league titles in the 2013 DGL. ROCCATSA includes teams 32Battalion and Aura Gaming from last year, in addition to some notable Call of Duty 4 names. The clan's CoD4 Prodigy team boasts a line-up of serious CoD4 veterans – including Captain Dustin ‘Kontrabann’ Rhodes.

Rhodes was part of the Prodigy CoD4 team that made significant waves in CoD4 several years ago. Not only does Rhodes bring with him his immense experience, but the new Roccat CoD4 team has brought the legendary Prodigy name back into play.

In 2011, Prodigy’s Rhodes and Stefano ‘bl1kz’ Batazzi joined the Bravado CoD4 line-up. Later, Rhodes joined Ventus eSports, where he again took up the captaincy under Vitriolic, through the merge with ASF.

Unfortunately, ASF disbanded this CoD4 team last year, missing out on the 2012 Do Gaming Championships (DGC).

Rhodes is joined on the CoD4 Prodigy team by Burlin ‘eP1dmC’ Russouw, Ricky ‘BlaZeR’ De Gouveia, Marcus ‘MARQZ’ Huynen and Leon ‘techn1que’ Visagie, along with Morne ‘hawk’ Richard and ‘Kev’ on reserve.

ROCCATSA has entered teams into Black Ops 2, DotA 2, League of Legends, Starcraft 2, Battlefield 3, Call of Duty 4 and CS:GO. Its clan page boasts a large number of teams, making this an interesting clan entry into the scene.

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